Scotch Pine
Scotch Pine

This year we have a huge selection of Scotch Pines in our fields. Historically, Scotch Pines have been the most popular Christmas tree grown and sold in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S., though its popularity has waned some during recent years.These trees have an open appearance and more room for ornaments. Scotch pine have strong branches that support abundant decorations heavy ornaments. The needle retention of cut Scotch pine is excellent, better than almost any other Christmas tree species. Unlike most other Christmas tree species, Scotch pine tends to hold its needles even when the tree becomes very dry.


Scotch Pine

White Pine

This year we have a good supply of white pine. The tree is native to eastern North America, and is the second most popular pine Christmas-tree species among Pennsylvania consumers. Its two-to-five-inch-long, blue-green, soft, flexible needles give the tree an almost delicate look when compared to many of the other pines. Compared to Scotch pine, however, eastern white pine’s slender flexible branches will support fewer and smaller decorations. Needle retention of cut eastern white pine is very good to excellent.

Scotch Pine

Norway Spruce

These trees are the favorite Christmas tree of many Pennsylvanians. It has an open, very symmetrical shape, that makes it easy to decorate with many ornaments. If cut fresh and kept in a stand with water, the needles should be retained throughout the Christmas season. It’s foliage has a delicate appearance and the tree is not as heavy as most pines and is easier to handle.

Scotch Pine

Colorado Blue Spruce

We have a limited supply of Blue spruce. The typical Blue spruce takes 10 to 12 years to become a usable Christmas tree. It is a tree native to relatively high elevations in the mountains of the western United States, and seems to be experiencing increasing popularity as both a cut Christmas tree and a living Christmas tree to be planted after the holiday. The foliage color of blue-spruce trees varies from green to blue-green to silvery-white. Blue spruce branches are relatively stiff and support many decorations and relatively heavy ornaments. Needle retention is good, though blue spruce will not tolerate a situation that allows the tree stand to occasionally go dry. If that happens, a great many needles drop. If blue spruce has a major drawback as a Christmas tree, it is its sharp, stiff needles that make it difficult to handle and may make it an inappropriate choice for homes with small children.

Scotch Pine

Fraser Fir

These trees are also priced separately. These trees are also grown on the same farm as our Douglas fir and shipped in along with the firs. These trees are native to the high elevations of the southern Appalachian Mountains. They are a fragrant, dark-green Christmas tree species whose popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. Among Fraser fir’s strong attributes as a Christmas tree are its strong natural symmetry, with relatively strong branches that can support many decorations. It’s attractive, deep green, relatively soft foliage has good needle retention. It is among the most aromatic of Christmas trees species, producing the balsam aroma commonly associated with the Christmas holiday.

Scotch Pine
Douglas Fir

These trees are priced separately. The trees we bring in from a nearby farm are usually cut two or three days prior to being delivered to us. We will have our first shipment delivered on Wednesday prior to the Thanksgiving weekend. A second, larger shipment,will be made on Thursday, December 1st, and the third shipment on Thursday, December 8th. Douglas-fir foliage can easily be distinguished from blue spruce by it’s softness. Douglas-fir have a very mild, almost sweet smell. Among Douglas-fir’s attributes as a Christmas tree are its strong natural symmetry, allowing the production of attractive trees with a wide range in density of its relatively soft, attractive foliage; and its very good needle retention, once cut.


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