2013 Update

This year, we again, have a bumper crop of beautiful Scotch pine trees, with a good supply of white pine and Norway spruce. There are some lovely blue spruces, as well. There are a few douglas firs, but they are on the smaller side. We have a limited number of table trees available for kids rooms and grandparents who don’t have the space for a full sized tree, but would still like to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. We are bringing in some full sized douglas and fraser firs from a nearby farm, fresh cut for us Some of them are up to 10′. They are individually priced, ranging from $50 to $85.

The basic price of trees in the field are still $25. This is the 21st year of maintaining this same price. Some of the more perfect specimens and taller trees are individually priced.

As usual, we have saws to lend for cutting down the trees, and netting to bail your trees.

A reminder that we don’t allow chain saws to be used.